Thursday, April 11, 2013

OBS gets a job!!

There's Orange Blossom Special,

sitting on the hood of the Nissan.

If she really wants to be a "bauble head",

she'll have to come in and sit on the dashboard.

On second thought, maybe she could be

a "hood ornament".

But the fact is, OBS is so "special",

she can be whatever she wants to be!!


  1. OBS... if itz still like minus 50 degrees ther...opt for inn side de vehickle...if itz like say 60 witha nice breeeze... we say opt for de hood...if its rainin ore looks like rain bee on de way.... we say opt for de kitshun anda nice ham samich with a side oh friez !!

  2. I think she should drive somewhere!

    1. Hi William, happy to have you following BCM.