Monday, April 22, 2013

Look out below!!

All of the yelling below, threw BP off his game.

.......and he went out on a limb....

a very small limb.

Far above, we heard the cracking and creaking of a tiny limb under pressure.

Get back on the trunk, BP

Quickly, he repositioned his front legs, grabbed the substantial bark on the sturdy tree and resumed the climb.

Tree Climbing is a dangerous sport and we must try to keep distractions to a minimum.


  1. whoa dood...slow down for ya get one haza faster time N ewe ewe could be like in sloooooooooooooooooow moeshun N still win

    after all, who can run into town 25 miles away and BAK again in 7.9 seconds goin against de wind !!

    N tell that little eagle ta stop neighin N whinnyin N make horse noises ta diz tract ewe....

    him iz just gel us... coz if him had yur speed he could win de triple crown !!!