Monday, April 8, 2013

Make it a party!!

It's April 8th here in not so sunny Southern Alberta.

It's -10 C and should be 10 C.

There's 3" of snow on the ground and there should be none.

Big Kitty says he's having "ground hog" for lunch today.

You're welcome to join him.


  1. BK...

    hole lee mackerull...we thinked it wuz brisk in trout towne.... but ten like minus... IZ crazed for spring time...

    forget de ice cream, forget de ice fishin...

    if ewe N de crew wanna fry phil... we will bring de coals, de grill and sum side dishes oh friez !!!

    see ewe in 7 minits ...we will be sailin on de SS DUDE


  2. Yes, he looks fed up. Look at the little paw. Hope it warms up soon. We are getting snow on Wednesday.

  3. A ground hog?!!! That's a mighty appetite!