Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hunger strikes!!

Well, Mama Cow saved Baby Cow by chasing the mighty Lion King under the fence. 

Poor Socks will spend another day without a delectable meal and Baby Cow will live to see another day.  The desolate plains and prairies can be harsh at times.  Maybe Socks could set his sights on something smaller.  Rumor has it, a gopher was spotted hopping, skipping and jumping across the field without a care in the world.  Don't spend your life pining for something you can't have, Socks.

Go out and get something you need!!


  1. well at leest mama N socks haz settled ther diffrunces...

    socks....dood...want we shuld send ewe a fishin pole N sum wermz... we all wayz haz spare N with de recent rainz we got werms, werms N mor good kind...onez that catch perch N sea bass...

    N hope ya catch sumthin ta eat...just pleez dont eat burd......ewe will spend de day hurlin buddy...



    1. Don't you need a lake, or a stream or a pond to find a fish? We don't even have a fish bowl!!