Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Timbit's Dream....

Timbit spent April 30th brain storming in the Mansion since it was snow storming outside.  This morning, May 1st, she walked out and formulated an idea.

Looking far up the hill north of the Sports Field, she saw a dream come true!!

There on the road she saw two perfect tracks.  Now, all she needs is a toboggan and some cats to ride on it.


  1. Hope your weather changes soon. It's time to play in the grass.

  2. timbit...if noe one at fox farm ore BCM wants ta ride de toboggan...we will !!! by de time we set sail, figure out how ta get ta alberta, dock de ship, get sum lunch & sum sueveneerz, buy a toboggan ore 4...we shuld bee ther bye......