Saturday, May 25, 2013

No forwarding address.....:

Sorry for the delay......again!  We've been so busy with mares foaling, cats queening, dogs barking and the Colt Starting Clinic for four days last weekend that the "blogosphere" has been ignored.  Anyway, here's our latest treasure found in Barn Cat Mansion.  Oh....forgot to mention that we fed one of these for a week while it's mother tried to abandon it!!
She moved and left it behind 3 times!


  1. Was it the gray one? HE doesn't seem to belong with the rest, but they sure are squeeeeee worthy!!!1

    1. It was one of the orange ones. I'd go to the barn and hear it crying, then search for the family that had moved away. Finally I put it in a box and took it to the house. Fed it with a syringe for the better part of a week, took it back and she hasn't left it again. Maybe now it's old enough to follow along and she can't get away scott free!!

  2. meolwoz everee one...nice ta see ewe be de mom...any clooz...:)