Thursday, May 30, 2013

....and that's a little bit sad! :(

Meet Chatty Cat!!

She/he's the one who spent a week in the house, in a box with a towel for a bed.  Everyone knows we don't have house cats, but we had no choice.

It was "do or die"!!

Sometimes a kitten gets kicked out of its family due to health or mental issues.  Cats are like that.....they only feed the strong kittens.  But this one seemed normal, so we were glad when Smoke took it back and is happily feeding it to this day!!  And Chatty talks about it all the time.
Two families have claimed the four kittens, so we won't be spending the summer following their antics........


  1. we bee happee ewe N yur mom iz re united chatty..N smoke...bee nice...come next motherz day when ewe R wantin that 2014 FURRareez car; ya mite just get it coz oh bein now !!!

    XOXO ta all de wee kittehs ~~~~~~~

  2. Who wouldn't love that cute little orange face!