Monday, May 27, 2013

We need a mouse!

Sid's kids - still wary and wild!!

We caught both of them and quietly offered delectable canned cat food.  The little tabby ate half a can before it remembered to run away.

As for the other one?

NO WAY it was eating something not offered by it's mother......


  1. How absolutely awesomely "squee"!
    Poor babies.

  2. They are darling. The one on the right looks like a thinker.

  3. ewe wee ones knead sum mice? want we shuld send ewe sum...we can...that ore floudner, mackerull, trout, sea bass, herring, toona ore ham samiches N friez... let uz noe...

    ewe kids bee two cute ....momz gonna hafta come up with sum names bee for two long...N make sure ya apply for a social seCATity card sew when yur seniorz ya get sum benny fitz ~~~ ~~~ !!!!