Friday, August 23, 2013

Who'll count the ballots?

YES!!!  We'll have a vote!!
LOBE laid down the rules:
     1.  Only one vote per cat
     2.  Pinkerton is allowed two votes.
     3.  BP, who is on top of the pole watching 
          a bluebird is not allowed to vote.
     4.  OT has excused herself because she
           might be in love with Pinkerton.
     5.  Votes shall be displayed in the form of
          show of tails.
(Here LOBE tells Whiskers not to use his paw for voting or his vote will be invalid)


  1. pinkerton....looks like de votes R in...with R 5 votez, 15 frum fox farm, de one frum de total stranger kitteh, yur two... 7 flag collected frum de surroundin nayborz...that totalz 94,536

    EWE GET TA STAY !!!! YAY:)

    big sum point yur gonna knead a younger partner in crime...pinkertonz yur man !!

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end ; eat plentee oh SOLE :)!!!

    BP...dood....say it isnt sew ~~~~~~~~~