Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a lonely life out here!!

No new news about that strange cat spotted on the driveway at Fox Farm, but these BCM ladies heard about it by the time it was old news.

They have mixed feelings about this. Never, in a lifetime, will THEY ever see a stranger walk down the driveway.  That would be pure excitement at Barn Cat Mansion.

Barn Cat Mansion is so far away from anywhere.......maybe it's too far away from everywhere!!


  1. we dunno wear trout towne iz frum BCM galz...but we will bee happee ta come visit sew ewe can see sum stange kittehz headed yur uz...when it comes ta strange...we gotz it :) !!!

  2. pea ess...knot onlee iz we strange.... but we can cook a trout in 3 minits flat....if ewe haza de grill...we haz de trout ;) !!

  3. Ok. Just get on a plane and head for Canada. Tell the pilot to stop in YYC, that's Calgary. Alberta. Get on the Deerfoot Trail and hitchhike south until you see the Lancaster Bomber beside the highway in Nanton. Turn right, turn left, turn right, turn left again and follow the gravel road to the top of the hills, then turn left and get the guy that picked you up to let you out. From there, walk and walk and walk until you find the down hill part of the driveway. Keep on walking........we'll be looking for you! :) The grill is on!!

  4. we iz on de way...settin sail frum de land oh trout N headed......thata way ....ta get two de air portz....we haza cargo hold oh fish :) !!!!!!! hope de air lines doezn't charge extra for de over weight carry on bag ~~~~~~~~ !!!