Thursday, August 29, 2013

The law of physics.....

High above the Town Hall Meeting and totally oblivious to its outcome, BP stalks the pretty little bluebird we saw sitting on the wood.  Corral planks are, at most, 2" wide and the space between posts is roughly 8'.

So we're questioning the sanity of BP.

Even if the bluebird is distracted by say, something important like another bluebird, when BP takes the giant leap to nab the little critter, only the worst can happen.  Bluebird flies away.  Cat "attempts" to land on a 2" board and crashes to the ground.


1 comment:

  1. BP....yur mom iz rite...dont even...

    stooooooooopid burd iz ta blame for yur crazed dee sizion....we noe ya got de speed N agil atee of an oh lympic athleetz but that iza wee narrow yur blog page iz wider !!!

    N bloo burd tastes like crap anyway :)