Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The "gravy train" arrives!

It happens like clockwork!!

Every year, Fox Farm mothers hide out in buildings, bale stacks and grain bins to have their babies.  When they can no longer catch enough mice, gophers and, dare I say, songbirds to satisfy the every growing brood of hungry kittens, they pack up and move.

Where do they go?

.......straight to the deck by the house.   The door opens, Dr. T pours out a scoop or two of cat food and "voila"!! the kittens find a new food source.


  1. You are such kind people!
    We love kitties (of course).
    We've never told you about the first kitty: Our first kitten (in college when we moved off campus) was an adopted barn cat! We needed a mouser badly, and Nicky got nice and chubby (he also ran up and down the stairs and bugged the heck out of our neighbors on the first floor with the noise).
    I was not allowed a cat at home (my dad hated them) so "needing a mouser" was second to "I want a cat". We were always a dog family (and numerous goldfish) at home.
    See why the Barn Cat Mansion is so special to me? I mean besides the horses and the land and the sunrises and sets....

  2. ewe wee kittehs listen ta de door two de deck at Dr V's ...a scoop a day keeps vet away.... N eatin burds...be they fulla song ore knot..... will make ewe crazed...sure az we bee trout lovers !!!!!

  3. ewe wee kittehs listen ta de door two de deck at Dr V's ...a scoop a day keeps vet away.... N eatin burds...be they fulla song ore knot. GravyTrainBingo.com

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