Friday, August 16, 2013

Cat Alert!!

Socks claims Tom Cat Supremacy over Fox Farm and surrounding area.

This just in:

Socks was informed of new people moving into the farm house across the road and they brought along a CAT!!  This cat was spotted running down the driveway, away from Fox Farm and towards its new home.

More details to follow......


  1. socks..dood...ya better get on yur cell ewe lur dee vise N let big kitty noe therz a new cat in towne....wait...wunder if it bee one oh hiz kidz....may bee a text message wood be better this time sted oh a fone call..... case him yellz loud lee :)

    hay, hope ewe N de FF crew & everee one at BCM haza sooooper grate week oh end !!!~~~~~~

    eat plentee oh sturgeon N salmon :)

  2. New neighbors with ONE cat? Oh that better be a friendly cat!

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