Monday, August 19, 2013

Above the crowd...

Here's another one of those pretty little Rocky Mountain Bluebirds, but this one isn't very smart!
It landed in close proximity to a *gaggle of BCM cats! 

Below and a little to the left, the cats were having a meeting on a beautiful summer evening.  Big Kitty handed the duty of Chairman over to Little Orangey Blue Eyes Gone Golden.  Pinkerton was banned from the meeting.

And this became the topic of conversation:

Why is Pinkerton never allowed to mingle with the commoners?

*We know a group of cats is not really a gaggle!!

1 comment:

  1. see...we toll ya burds iz THAT stoooooooooopid...rood & nozee two...prob ablee listenin ta everee werd goin on at de meetin N heez gonna fly bak N tell Lord onlee noez whoo...

    18 cents anda sack oh fries sayz him maded a mess on de post az well N why isnt pinkerton at de meeting....!!!!!