Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Eavesdropper....

Cat meetings always include cats that don't want to be there.  The Chairman is making faces at the crowd.  Timbit is ready to pop Whiskers on the butt if he falls asleep one more time.  Big Kitty scans the horizon for that pesky Hillside Warrior who wasn't invited due to the delicate nature of discussions.  H"C"S is bored half silly.  And, tucked in behind everyone (look closely behind H"C"S) is Pinkerton!

Out of sight, but not out of mind!!


  1. nice tastee fish samich bee for meetin roll call huh !!

    pinkerton...we can bare lee see ewe dood....good werk on hidin ta take sekrit notes....just dont let little eagle see ya...that cheatin ponee will give way yur mission....bye de way...wear iz flag & BP..we hope they dinna head ta de cattle gate all reddy ta pass on de sekrit code coz itz knot reddy yet....