Friday, August 9, 2013

August sunset...

Mid-summer and the sun is moving south again along the Rockies.  Its amazing how quickly the seasons pass in a land where seasons are so noticeable.
The small band of broodmares and foals graze on lush green pasture that will soon dry out and turn brown.  This grass is nutritious, even in the winter.  That's how the prairies operate.   Vast tracts of land not farmable because of the terrain, but appreciated by every four legged animal that makes a living here.

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  1. grate picture guys !!!!

    iz de crazed coyote still hangin round... ore iz he gone till winter again? we wood think he....coyote....wood knot get a long well with de poneez

    hay....hope everee one haza grate flounder filled week oh end !!