Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get off my tail!!

One day the guys were sitting around.  They sit around a lot, but on this day they were telling stories.  Big Kitty told about the day he was rescued from certain death in the horse pasture.
That was quite a tale!! 
Tipster remembered with horror, the day he met Dr. T and she was wielding a sharp scalpel. 
That was quite a tale!!

LOBE had nothing to say.  Tipster was sitting on his tail!!


  1. big kitty....97 million dollarz sayz little eagle pulled sum stunt; ya gotta watch out for that ponee...him iz crazed ya noe :)

    tipster: dood...we feelz yur "pain"

    orangey: we noe what ewe iz THINKIN......go a head N SAY IT !!!

  2. That's a story of its own! ...the day when Tipster sat on LOBE's tail...!