Sunday, July 21, 2013

Work, work, work

It's Sunday and almost noon at Fox Farm.  Socks is in the same spot we saw him in yesterday.

But today, he has found something to do.

Acting solely on impulse, he put his left front paw to his lips and began the tedious process of cleaning between his toes.

Work!!  That's all this cat does!!


  1. When will he take a break?! We're worried for such a hard working kitty!

  2. dood...slow up....ewe haz been werkin triple Oh tee sinz like 11:37 AM yur time.....time ta take a werk brake coz sum bodee just yelled lunch any way....and like ewe R entitled ta 7 brakes for ever 22 minits ya werk....itz de LAW ~~~~~~~~ !!!!