Saturday, July 27, 2013

A true hero.....

Ahead is the bend in the road and directly in front of us is the cattle guard.

Look who made it!!


She showed undying stamina and made her feline family proud. 

If we had a cat statue, we'd place it right beside the road in her honor.

In fact, if anyone has an old cat statue, something like a Sphinx, please send it to Barn Cat Mansion.


  1. Yay for Flag!!!! What an accomplishment! If we come across a worthy statue we will send it over :)

  2. my stars flag.......I tried my very best to include your honorary statue of honor here in this post; and it
    just would not work, on my honor. I swear it wouldn't...instead I shall send you via direct deposit into your purrsonal bank account; $ 410, 955, 348, 075.16...please check your deposit history later today and I HOPE they carried you home ~~~~~ hugs girl from dai$y =^..^=