Monday, July 29, 2013

At least he waited......

"C'mon Pinkerton.  You gotta understand why Flag is so upset.  Here you are, half way down the hill, waiting for our return.  Why not put yourself out there and just finish the walk?"

"OK, Chick.  I get it!!  What you and Flag don't realize is that when nature called, I stopped for a second by the side of the road, and you were gone!!  Nowhere to be seen!!  If I had the nose of a dog, I could have carried on, but since I couldn't see you, I couldn't follow.  At least I didn't run screaming for home!!"


  1. hillside ta tell everee one bee for they label ewe non hillside warrior, that after nature called sew did sum pranksterz N when yur cell phone wuz kneaded an like what...did everee one just wanna heer yur phone ringin N ringin ringin N ringin ringin N ringin ringin N ringin.....NOE... sew ya had ta answer THAT call two....


  2. C'mon, Pinkie, you can do it!! You gotta walk the walk so you can talk the talk!