Saturday, July 20, 2013

The day ahead......

It's Saturday morning at Fox Farm and Socks is charged with the task of planning his day.  As the "man of the family" he has responsibilities, and without a Day Planner handy, he has to keep a list in his head.

Thinking has never been one of his strong suits.  Usually he acts on impulse.

Now he's waiting for an impulse.


  1. Mommy has a Day Planner. Only she forgets to look in it, so it is not really efficient. But she tries. *sigh*
    She's getting old!
    Impulse is good. After a few naps!

  2. dood....heerez a grate impulze we like ta follow...grab sum char coalz N head ta de grill...pick out round 83 pieces oh fish...any fish will due but mackerulll, trout N flounder seer up fair lee well...cook em at like 394 for 13 sum samiches..enjoy de day :)