Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The new normal.....

Blue's been wondering what happened to this blog.

Well, with all of the displaced people in the area, it seems that everyone wants to be on the Internet.  Our server is a network of small towers where you pick up the signal with 'line of sight".  All of the wireless devices are picking up the signals and the traffic is backed up to where we  can't get on most of the time.  Maybe a few towers are down, also.

Don't worry Blue, we'll survive!!


  1. blue.... meowloz....uh..we meen bows N wowz.....think of it like a traffix jam....knot a good thing....jamz never is unless they be on bread...kinda like...... strawberry jam...otherwise jamz be just a big pain in de ewe noe wear.... of like what peepul sitz on .....N we due knot meen chairz:)!!!!

  2. We think Blue is trying to point at something with his ear! Maybe he found a signal :)