Friday, July 5, 2013

Bottle babies...

Shortly before the kittens moved away, they provided some much appreciated entertainment for everyone at BCM.  With two kittens in, and one outside, the bottle was rolling back and forth and around the floor.

Kittens jumped in

Kittens jumped out

At one time, part of the third kitten was in the bottle but we felt maybe a picture of the end that didn't fit wasn't really appropriate.

It was all fun and games until the bottle rolled in the corner, where it was trapped and abandoned.


  1. Fun is fun! I just found out that Mommy's binocular strap was the funnest thing! She used the binoculars to watch some of the fireworks last night.
    All you have to do here is open the blinds. There are several fireworks displays all over the place, most at a distance, so they are not loud at all.

  2. Those kittens are so creative :) fun fun fun!!!

  3. two mor kittehs N sum barlee N sum hops N ewe haza fifth :)!!