Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

It's Tuesday and late afternoon at Fox Farm.
Socks has been fooling us all along.

He's finally doing what he came here to do and that's

to take a nap.

All of these other antics were just window dressing - leading us to believe he was busy and concerned about cleaning his toes and such.  When all is said and done, he's doing what he does best.


  1. But napping is a high priority with cats! Its an art form that must be practiced at all costs!

  2. socks...anda grate job ewe iz doin two...N ya all ways gotta take a bath bee fore goin ta bed...how manee times haz ya hurd de peepuls tell de kids..." go ta bed, did ya brush yur teeth N wash yur feet & face...go ta bed "

    say, when ya wake up, tell de crew & BCM itza all ewe can eat whitefish wednesday over heer at TT ....everee one's welcome...we got 57, 309 cases in just this mornin !!! stop on by !!

  3. Poor kitty got exhausted from all that cleaning!