Saturday, July 6, 2013

Keep your distance!!

This guy was spotted roaming around the neighborhood.  We call him

Black Bear

In our experience, this type of bear is harmless if left to his own devices.  He lives mainly on vegetation, ants and bees until the berries are ripe.

By the end of July, he'll be camped in the Saskatoon patch, chowin' down on the delicious berries.


  1. Black bears in urban areas cause a lot of fear. But more and more of them are lured and hooked on the free throw away food that is everywhere. Thankfully, some of them here are sedated and returned to more proper environments for them.
    I saw a black bear in a mall parking lot once. Sad that they are reduced to such places. We do need our natural habitats preserved!
    Black bears much better than grizzlies!

  2. You better go out there far far away and find yourself some nice honey Mr. Black Bear!!!!

  3. whoa. him sure doez knot look like yogi. maybee he kneadz a pick a nick baskit ore sum piez !!! we wood leeve de piez N run tho...!!!