Thursday, December 20, 2012

Training demo.......

On your mark!!

We all know what that means.  Anyone who has ever been involved in a school yard race has heard the cry:


In the world of cat races that include tree climbing,  this phase of the prelims is virtually ignored.

Cats are always, inevitably ready to run.

So when Big Kitty asked Timbit to demonstrate the stance for OYM, it was easy enough. 


  1. a grate pose timbit...N mark de tree, mark another treez, mark sum posts, mark a sofa ore sum upholstree goods if ya can, mark sum barn siding N tell everee one we say meowloz. we iz typin frum a cell ewe ler dee vice two day; if we due knot get bak thisa way two morrow, haz awesum week oh end! mark on :)

  2. Timbit, you gots it!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp