Monday, December 10, 2012

Attracting a crowd!

Peaking out from behind the caragana hedge, one lonely mule deer waits for the big day.

She rarely hangs around if there's activity on the Field, but today is different.  She heard that BCM is  preparing for an "epic event".

"Muley Girl" is shy, yet inquisitive and tries to  override her timid personality, while munching away on dry winter grass.

Will she stay for the competition?

Probably not.....but at least she can say she tried......


  1. meowloz MG....haz ewe ever tried catgrass....its way good...well, leest we cats think sew...and yes ewe did triez...that dee serves a front row seet if ya stik round for de olympics !!

  2. Lots of kitties in the blogosphere are afraid of deers. But I think this one is kinda sweet, and deserves some kitty friends!

  3. I watch deer all the time around where I live. I've never had one too interested in watching me, though.