Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cry, baby!!

Well, now we have a total stoppage of all training on the Sports Field at Barn Cat Mansion.

Black Panther is crying!!
He really doesn't want anyone to know this, but,

we can see it, plain as day!!

Flag has high tailed it out of here, and no one knows when we'll be able to get this show on the road.:/


  1. C'mon Black Panther, buck up. We black kitties are no cry babies, and anyone who says so is itchin' for some ROWLIN' !
    Tipp (the timid)

  2. itz OK BP....we wanted ta say ewe haz sum grate "face washin techniquez" ther...if ya cant cry ...ya cant rinse yur eyes or get de scrubbeez outta them ....a good hunk oh trout, sum pizza pies, a few bowls oh sghetti, donus and a cake ore two will haz ya feelin like yur ole self in a minit....

  3. oh....N we dont want noe one.... noe inn... we iz bad spellerz..thatz posed ta bee donuts.....