Friday, December 7, 2012

The Tree Checker...

Flag snuck up to the tree while the rest of them dealt with the little dog.

What she really wanted to know was,

Is this tree strong enough to hold two cats travelling in an upward motion, at the speed of sound?

She pushed and pulled and wiggled the trunk, but it wouldn't budge.

Safety inspection complete!

This double trunked Mountain Ash will have to do.


  1. We're still not sure if it'll hold up the King!

  2. meowloz flag...grate safe tee inspectshun werk ...that ash iz a good sturdee tree....burd free frum we we sit two... which iz a sooooooper good thing.....

    hay, we hope everee one at de mansion haza grate week oh end...we iz knot a loud on de PC on caturday ore sunday sew we bee meowin at ewe again on monday....

    stay happee, healthy N eat plentee oh trout !!!

    peace out n rock on :)

  3. I like how there is a nice ledge at the bottom where the two trunks meet.

    Is this a new background? I don't remember the other one being so...fuzzy.
    I likes it.