Friday, December 21, 2012

Continuing Education.....

....that's what we call this installment of prelims leading up to the next race.  Big Kitty grabs the tree with his razor sharp claws while Timbit and......who's that black cat?
Why, its Black Panther!!

Big Kitty demonstrates how to "Get Set" .  His students assume the position and prepare for the final command in the series of three.

We've covered the basics of
On Your Mark and Get Set
Now we have to find out why Black Panther hasn't been climb racing when his name is called.


  1. coz heez been fishin, mousin, keepin de mansion safe frum stooooooooooooooopid owlz and gettin his new cell ewe ler dee vize up and runnin sew next time hiz name iz called he will answer de call!!!!!

    meowloz everee one, haza grate week oh end, enjoy yur caturday N sunday, eat plentee oh fish samiches, stay safe, warm and enjoy


  2. Do cats ever do anything when their names are called?