Sunday, December 9, 2012

Go Orangey Tail!!

Its an Exhibition Race!!

Orangey Tail challenged the Big Kitty to a race prior to choosing teams for the Official Competition.
Its easy to see who is the fastest tree climber...there's just one problem.

Here we can see Big Kitty clearly saying,

"Orangey Tail!!! Slow down!! Nobody is allowed to beat the King!"

And Orangey Tail said:  (with a big cat grin)

"Eat my dust!!!"


  1. Orangey tail = 1
    The king = 1+1

  2. May the best win.

  3. Ooooo Orangey Tail, you'd better watch it or Big Kitty will give you a couple of whappy paws!

  4. we hope yur mom haz one of thoze two cloze ta call pick sure taken what cha call its coz it bee lookin two cloze ta call


    ....looks at yur feetz......paws left...paws be even