Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A baker's dozen....

That's right!!

Thirteen cats!  Every single one ventured out of the Mansion to set up for the first Tree Climbing Competition.

But we only have one team. 

For a true competition, we must choose TWO teams at least so:
     Pinkerton is Manager of "The Warriors"
Who will be chosen to manage the second team? 
Really, which cats are on which teams? 

Blacks vs tabbies?  Orangey's vs blacks? 
This is getting complicated!!


  1. I'm thinking some cat treats were sprinkled for this photo.

  2. I hope the teams are picked without too much of a quarrel.

  3. Of course the BIG KITTY should be the Manager of the other team "Royals??", unless he is the judge.

  4. 13 beez de best number !!!! trooly....we say ewe just due eenie meenie myneee moe ta finds de manager fore teem number two....ore flip a coin...tails wins !!!!