Monday, December 3, 2012

Rigging the race?

Oh no!  Someone is trying to influence

the referee!!

From here, we can't tell if this is Orangey Tail or H"C"S.  Buying off the ref in a Tree Climbing competition is a serious offense.
The only thing we can do is watch the two older females since we can't identify this one....and what's more?  Pinkerton seems oblivious to the situation!


  1. just make sure ewe gals use unmarked tens N twenteeez with yur under de table.......bribe....


    oh, pinkerton....grate job on watchin out for de pole lease sew ya dont all get "busted"

    haza grate mackeral merry monday !!

  2. This definitely looks suspicious. I wonder what promises were made? Pinkerton should be investigating. Isn't he part of a detective agency?