Monday, June 10, 2013

The last supper???

"Aha!!  Now I've got you where I want you, Mother!!"

"Yes child,  you do.  But there are a couple of things you don't know:

  1.  I brought you into this world and I can......
       WEAN you.....anytime I want.
  2.  When I wean you, you will be on your own!!

Just remember, life as a solitary barn cat isn't all it's cracked up to be!!"


  1. nom nom nom!!! yum yum yum!!!

  2. small dood....yur mom iz pullin a joke on ewe ...ya canna bee full lee weaned til ewe iz at leest....8 weekz...ore is it ten.....we iznt two good at math...then its off ta mice...mouz seared at 196 degreez over an open flame iz best...served with a side oh greenz N sum gravee N ya haz one tastee meel !!! lunch brake :)

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