Sunday, June 2, 2013

A fact of life......

"Hi Flag."

"Hi Little Almost Orphan AnnieCat."

"Hey Flag.  I met my dad today and he's a real cool dude.  The only problem is, he doesn't seem to like me."

"Ohhhh, little kitten.  He loves you very much, but he's King of the Mansion.  His silence may be deafening, but he has a heart of gold.  If he allows one second of weakness, Pinkerton, Hillside Warrior, will take charge of Barn Cat Mansion and every cat who lives within.  Big Kitty, as he's affectionately known, isn't ready to give up the throne." 


  1. Flag, you are a very wise cat, and I hope the little one feels better about dad.

  2. So good to have a wise one close by.

  3. bumble junior...listen ta flag...listen ta BP....listen ta timbit...listen ta all de BCM kittehz N fox farm kittehz.....they trooly noe what they iz talkin 'bout....just DONT listen ta little eagle

    pea ess...this pick sure iz priceless !! ~~~~~~