Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Safe and secure....

Southern Alberta is known for spectacular mountains, rolling hills, prairie grain fields and.......the Chinook wind.  In winter, a westerly wind blows in and takes a -30 F day to 32 F in two or three hours.

In the spring and summer, it's just annoying!!

Here at 220 Basin Road, Mr. Bluebird is happy to see a "Chinook wind strap" attached to his house.  Nails and screws can't keep a house stable when the air goes by at 65 mph!!


  1. hhmmmmmm...a burd post two day huh.....

    seer ee iz lee...doez it get crazed hot in de summer wear BCM & fox farm iz...

    if itz past 80...we dont like it.....make that, de food service purrson doez knot like it...course it can bee 95 in de shade N ewe will find uz sleepin in de sun...go figure :) !!

  2. Does those burdies get mail? (We noticed the number on the box)