Friday, June 7, 2013

Persistance pays off.

To answer a question running through your minds, you haven't seen this cat before because she is a

"Ghost Kitty" and they're not always visible.
(sometimes they live at the neighbor's)

"Anyway!!  Here I have Mom almost in position.  If I root around a little more, she'll finally tip over and I will have a warm and refreshing lunch.


1 comment:

  1. small dood...yur mom...who kinda sorta ree minds uz oh LOBE coz oh her markings....yur mom kneads a nice push...just rememburr...ewe mite bee hungree.. but her is bigger N ya gotta bee nice ta yur mom sew her gets ewe sum temptations for yur stockin this Christmas ;) !!!

    hope everee one big N small frum BCM & fox farm and thoze ...just passin thru...

    haza grate week oh end ~~~~~~~~~ see ya monday !