Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't look at me!!

You can imagine the surprise when we opened the shop door at Fox Farm and were greeted with this!!

It's a little ghost kitty belonging to one of the Ghost Kitty's who move around the neighborhood, sometimes there.....sometimes not.  And this is what it had to say.

"If you keep staring, I'll run away.  Mom and I stopped in here to get out of the rain.  I'll have lunch and then we'll leave."


  1. dont rush off little GK...stay awhile, pull up a hay bale, chillax, take a snooze ore 40, get sum thin ta eat, may bee take sum treetz if BCM offerz em...relax a wee bit...pea ess...we love yur colorz N markings !!!

  2. I'm afraid this one would have to live with me.