Thursday, June 20, 2013

He must have *CADD!!

*(Cat Attention Deficit Disorder)
Shortly after LOBE showed how adept he is at plank walking, he fell off, so Big Kitty is  demonstrating determination and focus.

Focus on the road ahead and

DON'T LOOK DOWN!!!  Well, look down at the plank, but don't look down to the ground!


  1. BK....uh......orangey iz....uh a ten shunz ta big kitty; stop lookin at de gurls over cross de way....

    N rememburr...catnip AFTER yur stroll...thatz why ya fell off de plank !! ~~~~~

  2. It's so wrong when a cat fall down.

  3. This is just priceless! I found you at Jan's Funny Farm and I am happy I did.

  4. Big kitty is the master of all things!!!!!

  5. we hope everee one at BCM and fox farm iz doin all rite, familee, friends, kittehs, pups N poneez two
    we hurd bout de crazed flooding ther and wanted ta say hope all is well N everee one iz safe N nothing
    iz flooded out N stuffz~~~~~~~~~~~