Sunday, January 22, 2012

Suckee's Adventure

Finally, we found Suckee.....and her six kittens.  She made herself a nest in a dog bed way in the front storage compartment in the top of the horse trailer.  She jumped 4 feet with a


in her mouth to get there (x6).  They could have moved into a barn, or a shop or even a shed.  There are dozens of places for a cat and kittens to live at the Fox Farm.   Why stay in a "makeshift" motor-home?   That's no place to raise a family......


  1. Oh, but Suckee is a very smart mommy. Up there kittens are safe out of the reach of all other residents.

  2. Cats are really funny about hiding their kittens. The minute you find them, she will move them again. That happened to us with some feral kittens. I spent hours trying to find them every day. We sure hope she stays put for now with the kittens. Take care.

  3. We can only think that she thinks it's really safe up there.

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