Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suckee's Adventure Ends

Well, rather than lose the whole family, we moved the kittens back to the shop.  That just didn't set well with Suckee.  She pretty much gave us the ultimatum:  "If I can't have my kittens where I want them, then I don't want them at all!!" .....and she walked away.....


That's just great!!  As if I didn't have enough to do.   Off to town to buy Cat Milk, cream and a new vaccination syringe to feed hungry kittens......All I could say was, "Thanks, thanks a lot!!"  Oh well.....they were such cute little critters, who could resist?


  1. I think that probably was a great idea to move the kittens back to the shop. Is there any chance you are going to get Suckee spayed?? They sure are cute kittens. Suckee probably would have taken off soon anyway to find a boyfriend. Have a great Wed.

    1. This may seem wierd, but we don't spay any females either at BCM or FF. And, this may seem sad, but coyotes are always looking for an easy meal, especially when they're teaching their pups to hunt. Consequently, we lose cats, so paying to spay them is not economical. Fox Farm Master, Dr. T has the technology to fix the toms, though.....

  2. Good thing YOU are a caring mom, even if Suckee isn't. Not all mothers are good mothers.

  3. Oh no!!! Will they move to the house now fur convenience?

  4. Ah no, Suckee just abandoned them? Where did she go? did she stick around at all, or did she take off?