Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suckee's Adventure

So.....part way home, we stopped for fuel and  looked in on Suckee.  Well, she was right where she was told to be - on the blanket.  But, guess what was there with her!  It was one soaking wet little


By the time we got home there were four kittens and, lo and behold, by the next morning there were six of them!
A trailer that leaves the yard isn't an ideal spot for kittens, but we thought we'd let them stay there for a few days.  The problem is, if the trailer goes somewhere and Suckee jumps out like she did at the arena, we might leave her.
She was going to have to move......


  1. She's such a pretty cat! Please tell more.......
    Please come visit my blog!

  2. Well, at least she wasn't dropping them along the road. Maybe if you give Suckee a nest somewhere close, she'll move her kittehs out of the trailer on her own.

  3. awwww, cute little new born kitties... 6 of them ♥♥♥♥♥♥... place of birth: somewhere between the barn and God knows where, on the back of the trailer!

    That is adorable. Suckee didn't want to be alone when going into labor :)

  4. Suckee is so pretty! We hope the babies are okay!

  5. Babies! Very squee!
    A traveling clowder of kitties!

  6. OMC! A travelin nursery! Purrs fur the new family.

  7. Remember, all of this happened last summer.....and the story is far from over.