Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Family Portrait 2010

Not all cats have

9 lives

As our series progresses, you will see that some cats disappear and new ones become stars.   Only 4 of the cats pictured in 2010's family portrait remain at the Mansion, but we have 10 residents now.  Spring kittens and imports from Fox Farm ensure the future of the pride.  Coyotes are a constant threat and cats are easy to catch.
 So......with an open mind and a happy heart, enjoy Cattales, because its just another story.....


  1. Love, love that you have your own "Cat Mansion" blog!!

  2. Thanks. I was planning a web page, but Ardelle and Tova thought a blog would be better. I think they were absolutely right and Delly got this going.
    Now I have to catch the blog up with the facebook story.