Monday, January 30, 2012

Fox Farm

So close to the prairie, yet on the doorstep to the foothills of Southern Alberta lies a farm we call

Fox Farm.

You've met Sid, Suckee, Ghost Kitty and Suckee's kittens, but there are more.  Over the next few months, you'll meet some residents and we'll remember a couple of infamous characters that roamed the neighborhood at will.  Fox Farm cats live in and around that building with the orange light above the door.


  1. Well!!!! how could you leave out the majesty, the king, the secret mission dweller, the one and only Bumble Butt!!!!

    1. Ohhhh, but Bumble Bee Lion King Orangey Butt lives at Barn Cat Mansion, not Fox Farm :)

  2. lol, I got my mansions/barns mixed up :)