Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barn Cat Mansion

Look carefully.  That little brown building just past the golden grass is "Barn Cat Mansion".  Cats living at this Mansion include:

Bumble Butt, Orangey Tail, Casper the Friendly Ghost Kitty

and more you haven't met yet.  Twelve miles from the closest town and 1 mile from the closest neighbor, this is an isolated and quiet part of the world.  We see wildlife such as deer, elk, black bears, grizzly bears, moose, cougars and coyotes, up close and personal......


  1. Oh, how lovely.
    We live in the city.

  2. Beautiful country. We live in the city, too (sigh). We're not allowed outside.

  3. It makes me wonder. How did the very first kitty end up in there, and how did he/she find his/her mate?

    1. We moved here in 1973 and the first kitty arrived shortly after to take care of mice outside. The house had been abandoned for over 40 years. I think a stray tom showed up and the rest is history. New kitties are added on a regular basis, usually two or three a year.