Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This magnificent tom moved to the Mansion early last summer.  He's young and sassy, irresponsible and totally unreliable, but he is friendly.......and a friendly Ghost Kitty whose mother is the original Ghost Kitty is an anomaly in the world of Fox Farm GK'S.  His name is

Casper the Friendly Ghost Kitty.

You can pet him, but don't try to pick him up.  He follows Bumble around like a little puppy dog and thinks that someday, he can BE Bumble Butt.  The Big Kitty will put this young whipper-snapper in line when breeding season arrives at Barn Cat Mansion.........mark my words!!


  1. Nice to meet you Casper. you're a hoot!!!

  2. Hi, Casper. Be careful hanging out with Bumble Butt. He could sit on you and not even notice.

  3. OH, new kitties! Hi! Glad the Cat Blogosphere let us know about you! We will have to pop in on you more!