Sunday, December 1, 2013

No harm, no foul???

Poor little Timbit!!

What in the world happened to our resident beauty? 

That ear got caught on something, or by something, and we didn't even notice.

Lucky thing it wasn't ripped up any worse or Dr. T would have had to get the sewing utensils out.

We'll never know what happened, but we do know this:

You're lucky to be alive, Timbit!!


  1. ow N be jezuz timbit R earz hurtz lookin at yurz....ya dinna get yur ear pierced, put a ear ring in it then change yur mind did ya....ya hafta take em off by de POST....we will ask R way awesum pal St Francis ta send sum quik fast healin blessings yur way N hope it doez knot hurt....


  2. pea ess.....ya still look gorgeous ta uz ;) !!~~~~

  3. Ouie!!!! oh you poor little baby! Looks like a kitty took a bite on that ear!

  4. I hope somebody can help that little ear!

  5. Oh no! She was so pretty! Can something be done about that ear??!!