Thursday, December 12, 2013

Class clown!!

H"C"S strikes an almost perfect pose as she demonstrates what she learned in PS 101.  Granted, her tail position is far from perfect, but she didn't graduate with a PhD or anything, just a simple diploma!!

Again, Pinkerton is goofing off!!

He's making faces at Whiskers, who is about to be cuffed along side the head by our notorious instructor.  OT may jump just to be safe!!


  1. guys...we iz crackin up...we just put de pick sure on large view..big kitty IZ givin pinkerton de stink eye isnt he !! we think pinkerton N chelsea should bee thankin orangey tail ....coz if whiskers topples frum a BK mite be a domino effect...

  2. We're so glad those kitties have so many posts enough for everybody :)