Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The challenge begins.....

Winter is the absolute best time for post sitting.   Sun warms the wood and wood warms the cat.

Big Kitty is a Professional Post Sitter!

It took 5 years, but he finally trained OT.  Here you see her butt on the post, her front feet placed squarely on the top plank and her tail curled in a relaxed position.

As winter progresses, we'll see if Big Kitty can train the rest of the cat herd.


  1. Oh that is toooo precious!!! :)

  2. noe crazed burd talk two day guys...this pick sure iz


    BK, if ewe can train de rest oh de mansion cats ta due this.... N mom can get it on pick sure film...

    mega rockin total lee soooper kewl awesum !!!

  3. stoppin bak bye ta say haza happee week oh end guys...heerz ta postz, temptayshunz treetz and donuts !!