Thursday, December 26, 2013

Whiskers in bed with the girls!!!

This looks bad! 
I mean really, really bad!!

After Christmas pictures, the party moved back into the Mansion.  Party Mix, Temptations, Milk name it, they ate it.  Some passed out on the floor.  Some fell asleep in the straw.  A couple of them even toppled into bed with Chick and Blue.

But in the morning, this is what we found and it's not going over well with Big Kitty!!


  1. a kitty has to keep warm, even if he has to get in with booger-nose girls :)

    1. H"C"S and Tipster seem to pass the sniffles back and forth between them. Everyone else has grown immune to their cold like symptoms. :/

  2. pinkerton!!! ewe R off de hook for onze dood!!! may bee ewe shuld ask BK ta drive inta town with ewe N haza quik beer til whiskers moves on for de day!!!!!!!!! enjoy de week oh end guys...